London Wisteria Co.

We are experts in year-round maintenance
of your wisteria, assisting with
wiring, pruning and encouraging
maximum flowering.

The Pruning Process

How & When

From January to February

The key to success with wisteria is pruning not once, but twice a year. If you've never pruned your wisteria, we would suggest starting now. We can cut back your wisteria professionally avoiding drainpipes and gutters and set you up for the Spring flowering period.


By pruning early, professionally and hard, you should be assured of an incredible display of flower in late Spring.


In the intervening period, your wisteria will finish flowering and become covered with significant growth. At this point we will return, and give your wisteria another major cut-back. We can also assist with wiring your wisteria to walls ensuring a secure plant into Autumn and Winter.

Late Summer

Following our mid-summer pruning, you should get a second display of flower and be set up for the following Spring.

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